Press for Common Quartet's "The Hive":

"Anyone concerned about the state of jazz artistry now should not be.
The Hive by Common Quartet is top shelf and highly recommended."
- Christopher Burnett, Jazz Artistry Now, July 2017

"An uncommonly terrific debut from the Common Quartet."
- Edward Blanco, All About Jazz, 05/28/17

"As its name implies, Common Quartet showcase a collective sound that never loses its focus...The Hive is a honey of an album."
- Caorlyn Glenn Brewer, JAM Magazine, August 2017

Press for Eugenia Choe's "Magic Light":

"This could be the debut of the year."
- Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz, 4/25/16

"Choe's arrangements of familiar works break new ground"
- Ken Dryden, New York City Jazz Record, 9/16

"Eugenia Choe rode her personally distinctive currents into this amalgamated music, and made a magnificent record."
- James Nadal, All About Jazz, 4/26/16

Press for WYATT - Here Comes Everybody:
"Impressed would be an understatement – looking toward their next release is more appropriate. And five songs is a fine introduction. Here comes Wyatt – and that’s a good thing."
- Rob Ross,, 11/7/2014

"Throughout the EP, I could not help but be entranced by WYATT’s liquid voice, which jumps from low to high in a switch. Even watching live performances, she sings as if she were reading a fairy tale.
- Nikki Smith,, 12/4/2014

"In the ever-crowded NYC music scene, Wyatt stand out."
- Gregory Robson,, 11/11/2014

Press for There's Always Something:

"If you are like me and occasionally have difficulty finding your car keys or remembering what you had for lunch...write this name down:
Alex Wyatt.

A rising star in the contemporary "indie" folk jazz movement and I will go out on a limb and predict great things in the future for this stellar young drummer from the Big Apple.
...The entire sextet may have stumbled upon the perfect marriage of modern jazz with a touch of the old Blue Note sound which has been in cold storage for some time now....Nine originals from Wyatt centered around complex rhythmic patterns but the simplicity of what a beautiful melody is all about.
...Wyatt plays with the finesse of a Paul Motion and the rhythmic complexity of a Max Roach....As an artist Wyatt is now on the fast track to turning even more heads with one of the finest debut releases for 2012."

- Brent Black,, 10/26/12

"Thanks to Kickstarter, we have Alex Wyatt's There's Always Something (NOWT Records NOWT 006) to appreciate. It's a sextet playing Wyatt's compositions, Alex on drums, Kyle Wilson on tenor, Masahiro Yamamoto, alto and soprano, Greg Ruggiero on guitar, Danny Fox, piano, and Christopher Tordini, bass.

It's a set of players that have the subtle finesse and style to fit the pieces, which are new jazz mainstream--or in other words, the music is progressive-acoustic, well put-together, and the players know what to do. Alex's rhythmic sensibilities come into play in the compositions and in the grooves that weave around them. There are kicks and other rhythmic devices that give the music a jolt and show off Wyatt's fine drumming. But the melodic-harmonic content of the numbers is also compelling, with some nice twists.

I like Wilson's stylistically encompassing tenor. It compliments Yamamoto's contemporary stance nicely. Both Ruggiero and Fox weave some very attractive lines. Tordini's bass playing is distinctive enough that you can listen to what he's doing directly and get something out of it on its own, but of course what he's doing also fits in well with the music at hand.

Everybody sounds good and the tunes are quite interesting and unpredictable. It's an album you need to listen to a few times to get how nice it all is. Then you are there. I was. Thank you Alex."

Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review, 11/12/2012

Press for WYATT:

"The lead-in here is called “Octopus King". This song would be quite at home on a Brian Wilson album...The music here is generally material that could easily fit into any playlist and yet still maintain its own aural identity."
- William Phoenix, LA Examiner

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Press for SALO's Sundial Lotus:

"Gallina favors tricky rhythms in his compositions, and drummer Alex Wyatt not only negotiates them, he seems to thrive on them."
- Sean Westergaard,

"A true sleeper of a record if there ever was one, Salo’s debut is as good as any released in 2010, with intelligent writing and inspired performances by folks that are sadly way below the radar."
- Jay Collins, Cadence Magazine

"It’s a first-class endeavor and an album that looms as an unanticipated surprise for 2010."
Glenn Astarita,