04.17.13WJ Marshall

Mr. Wyatt, your playing is a perfect blend of precision and passion. Your compositions channel the spirit of Miles and Coltrane. You're collaorating with highly skilled and soulful musicians. Keep doing what you're doing - those of us who love jazz are invigorated by your efforts.

09.24.11Dimitra Doupi

Doobee, doobee...doooo...doooo, dooo dooo deeeraaah...yaba, dabah dah....etc...

03.24.11Lance Rubin

Alex, you are a cool dude who is extremely good at making music. And this website is classy and impressive. Bravo.

03.21.11Brad Shilling

You were fantastically talented w0 years ago and remain flat awesome. Come play a Colorado show!


Great site! Still love listening to you. Remember the 'pec?


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